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At our initial meeting, which is usually called an assessment, you will have the opportunity to talk through your reasons for considering counselling. 

The assessment will allow us to discuss any expectations you may have about counselling. Once we have done this we can think about whether I might be able to meet your counselling needs. In some circumstances, I may not be the best person to help you and instead you may benefit from a referral to another practitioner/organisation, who will have specialist expertise in your area of concern. 

I offer once weekly, open ended long-term and time-limited, counselling. A decision to work either open-ended long-term or time-limited can vary according to individual needs, but we can discuss this at our initial assessment meeting.

If we decide to proceed with working together, we would agree to meet for your sessions, once a week at a mutually agreed time.

We will also discuss fees in the assessment.

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